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What is the JOLA coverage footprint?

JOLA is a Ku-Band satellite service providing service form Intelsat’s IS-28 satellite covering Sub-Saharan Africa.

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I am already a VSAT customer, do I need to buy more equipment to become a JOLA customer?

Some VSAT customers may be able to re-use their existing satellite antenna. Skyware and Prodelin 98cm or 1.2m antennae can be re-used for JOLA services, but may require some modification or an extra bracket. These have all been tested by our technical experts and deliver optimal performance on the JOLA network. Please check with your JOLA Partner for more information.  

JOLA is a new service operating on a new satellite platform, so you will require a new Hughes modem even if you are able to re-use your existing satellite antenna.

What equipment do I need?

A typical installation will require a 98cm VSAT antenna and an indoor modem (204mm H x 39mm W x 227mm D). These are supplied by your JOLA Partner as part of your sign-up process. Please ask your JOLA Partner for pricing on equipment and installation. You will require a WiFi access point to be connected to the indoor modem for WiFi facilities.

What do the advertised speeds mean?

Advertised speeds being Download (DL) speeds are noted as headline speeds that are the typical peak speeds a customer may achieve at any one time. JOLA customers may experience different speeds depending on variables of time of day, day of week and overall usage demands.

Is the JOLA service a contended service?

Yes, like most broadband services, JOLA is a contended service meaning speed is a shared resource depending on the number of other concurrent users. However JOLA has been provisioned to deliver a business-like service at all times of the day for the consumer and SME user.  For the serious business user, we recommend the JOLA Exec series of plans catering for committed speed requirements with a lower contention ratio.

Who is behind JOLA?

JOLA is an iWayAfrica Group service. iWayAfrica has a long legacy of service excellence in the provision on VSAT services in Africa, and is considered among one of Africa’s oldest ISPs.   

Where is the JOLA Satellite Hub?

The iWayAfrica Group owns and operates a brand new Jupiter Hub located in South Africa. It is the first of its kind in Africa. By virtue of its location, African traffic lands in Africa minimising additional latency.  The JOLA service is based on world-class technology from  satellite innovators Intelsat and Hughes.

Where can I buy JOLA from?

JOLA is only available for purchase via Authorised JOLA Partners. Find your local JOLA Partner on our Partner map or contact us direct at info@jolasat.com for more information on where to find JOLA or to become a JOLA Partner.

Do I need to sign a service contract?

Yes. All new JOLA customers are required to commit to a 12-month service contract with a calendar month’s notice period thereafter.

Can I change service plans within my contract period?

Yes. Any JOLA customer can change service plans within some basic guidelines:

  • If you wish to change to a service plan with a higher cost than your current one, known as an upgrade, the change can be affected immediately upon approval and processing your request.
  • Any requests for changes to a service plan with a lower cost than your current one, known as a downgrade, can only be affected on your next anniversary date. This is to ensure you get an opportunity to fully utilise the service you have already paid for.
  • You can only request one downgrade every 60 days.
  • JOLA offers a matrix of service plan options of which some have the same value, but different speeds or data allowances. There is no limit or penalty on switching between plans with the same value, however the change will only become effective on the next anniversary date.

What is my anniversary date?

Your anniversary date is the anniversary of the date of your installation and first activation on the JOLA service. This is an important date to remember as it is the date on every month that your monthly data allowance is renewed. If your initial activation is on the 29th, 30th or 31st of any month, your anniversary date will automatically be set to the 1st of the following month.

Can I change my anniversary date?

No. Your anniversary date is fixed based on your original network set-up with JOLA.  

What is my billing cycle?

All JOLA Partners are billed on a calendar month’s basis being from the first of the month to the end of the month.

What is a JOLA Perk?

JOLA Perks are the extra benefits you get by being a JOLA Customer. The default JOLA Perk is Free Nights whereby service access is free from 22h00-06h00 local time. You can also choose to utilise the Double the Speed JOLA Perk whereby your headline download speed is doubled at night from 22h00-06h00. Note your usage under this JOLA Perk will form part of your monthly data allowance. Or you can opt for the JOLA Super Perk of Free Nights AND Double the Speed for a small monthly premium of 30% of your monthly service charge.

Can I change or swap between JOLA Perks?

Yes! You can swap between the JOLA Perk options at any time via written request to your JOLA Partner. All changes will become effective at your next anniversary date.

Can I use the Free Night JOLA Perk when my data has expired?

Sorry. You have to have a positive data balance to ensure that the JOLA Perk of Free Nights remains active. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you either top up with minimum 1GB credit or use JOLA Advance to access 1GB from next month’s service.

How can I access JOLA Advance for my 1GB in advance?

Any JOLA customer can access 1GB from the next month’s data allowance when the current monthly data allowance has been exhausted. The service is only available via pre-registration on the JOLA Customer Portal. This self-service feature will then automatically credit your account with 1GB.

What IP address is included with my service?

The default IP address included with every JOLA service plan is a private /27. A /30 public static IP address is available upon customer request as an alternative.  This service is currently a free service at the discretion of JOLA and strictly upon customer request. Further public static /29 addresses are available for purchase and will be billed monthly. Please speak to your JOLA Partner for further pricing and to submit your IP requests.

What if I have not used all of my monthly data allowance?

All regular JOLA service plans have a monthly data allowance on a use it or lose it basis! All accounts are reset on the anniversary date with the new month’s data allowance. Any unused monthly data allowance at time of reset expires.

What happens when I reach my data allowance?

All regular JOLA service plans are hard capped. This means you have a set data allowance allocated to your account for the month. Once you reach this cap, you will be unable to browse or continue any online activity until you purchase additional TopUp or activate your JOLA Advance credit. Once you have reached your data allowance, you will be redirected to the JOLA Customer Portal.

JOLA Exec service plans are soft capped, meaning service speeds are reduced to 25% of the advertised download speed once the monthly data allowance is reached.

Can I buy additional data for the current month?

Yes. Any JOLA customer can purchase additional data credit in increments of 1GB. Pricing is based on a flat rate so we don’t penalise you for buying just enough to get you to the next month. Please ask your JOLA Partner for local pricing.

All top ups are valid for 60 days from date of purchase so you can also use it next month if your data runs out then too.

How can I view my usage data?

You can view your current and past usage data up to the past 12 months’ of usage via the JOLA Customer Portal.  You can also request change in services including top up requests and take advantage of the JOLA Advance feature all via the JOLA Customer Portal.