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Simply choose your preferred service plan with Download Speed, Upload Speed and Data Allowance.

JOLA Express

Mbps+ 18

Line Speed

Entry level service plans starting from 18Mbps download speeds.
ExpressUP to double your upload speed to 4Mbps.
5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 30GB data options.

JOLA Tempo

Mbps+ 20

Line Speed

Standard Home & SME service plans from 20Mbps download speeds with 4Mbps upload speeds
Fastest home service on VSAT at affordable rates
50GB, 100GB, 200GB data options plus a 120GB soft limit option

JOLA Velocity

Mbps+ 30

Line Speed

Business grade service plans from 30Mbps download speeds with 4Mbps upload speeds
VoIP support for 4 channels as standard with /32 IP address
50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 350GB data options

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JOLA Perks

Every JOLA plan comes with some extra Perks. These are the juicy extras just for being a JOLA customer. Some are free whilst others may have a nominal extra fee payable with your monthly service plan.

Free Nights 

JOLA Free Nights offers free night time data usage on all Ka service plans that have a standard monthly data cap of 10GB or more. Free nights run from 23h00-04h00 UTC time. JOLA customers are required to have a positive GB balance on their account to access this free Perk. JOLA Free Nights Perk is not available on the JOLA Express 5GB service plan.


JOLA TopUp is available on any hard capped service plan providing extra credit. All JOLA TopUps are sold in increments of 1GB, so you can buy as many as you need or just a small amount to get you to the next month. This Perk can be added at any time during the month regardless of remaining credit. Every JOLA TopUp on Ka plans is valid for 30 days from redemption on the active account. Please consult your local JOLA Partner for the applicable charge for a JOLA TopUp.


JOLA Talk enables VoIP (SIP) services to be prioritized on your service plan. This is free on all business Velocity & VelocityPLUS plans which support 4 dedicated VoIP channels. JOLA Talk is available on all other home service plans for a small monthly fee for 1 dedicated VoIP channel. Please consult your local JOLA Partner for the applicable charge on VoIP-enabled service plans.

IP Addresses

All new sites are by default assigned a /32 private IP subnet except those on VoIP bandwidth plans using the JOLA Talk feature that offer a /30 public IP as default. Additional IP subnets including private /27, public/28, public /29, public /30 and public /32 IP addresses upon request and for a nominal monthly fee. Please consult your local JOLA Partner for the applicable service charge.

Service Terms

Please note the below are standard global terms for all JOLA Ka service plans. Please ask your local JOLA Partner for all applicable Terms & Conditions in your market including minimum contract duration.

Usage Rules

  • All up and down traffic is included in the monthly GB data count
  • Hard capped plans have GB on a use it or lose it basis. There is no GB rollover policy.
  • Email notifications are automatically sent out at 70% and 100% of usage threshold to the registered email address which is specified by the JOLA partner on the new installation workflow or Service Order Form. End users are redirected to the Avanti portal when credit is depleted.
  • JOLA TopUps on Ka plans are valid for 30 days from purchase from iWayAfrica.
  • Usage is always accounted against any active TopUp credits first. i.e. if a device has monthly data allowance remaining and active TopUps, then usage is accounted for against the active TopUps first.
  • Multiple GBs may be loaded at a time or in sequence. Adding additional TopUps onto existing TopUp credit will extend TopUp validity to validity of newest TopUp.
  • Billing runs in calendar months, but monthly data allowance is only replenished on the anniversary date. This means your billing cycle and data cycle may not be in sync.
  • Regardless of changes in service plans, the customer’s anniversary date remains unchanged and is the same as the installation date.
  • All customers must adhere to the Avanti Acceptable Usage Policy https://www.avantiplc.com/acceptable-use-policy/

Fair Usage Policies
All service plans are hard capped on use it or lose it basis with exception of:

  • JOLA Tempo 120GB Soft Limit plan will be throttled after consumption of GBs as follows:
    • Limited to 1.5Mbps/0.5Mbps after 100GB during monthly data cycle.
    • Limited to 0.25Mbps/0.25Mbps after 120GB during monthly data cycle.
    • At the start of the anniversary date (Date of Install) any throttled service will be reset.
  • JOLA Velocity & VelocityPLUS Service Plans
    • Limited to 0.25Mbps/0.25Mbps upon exceeding monthly allowance.
    • At the start of the anniversary date (Date of Install) any throttled service will be reset

Service Plan Changes


  • An UPGRADE is considered a service plan change to an equal or higher value service plan (based on the wholesale rate presented by iWayAfrica)
  • UPGRADE requests are effected same day the request is made to the JOLA customer support team.
  • UPGRADE requests can trigger pro-rata billing for services upgraded before the next anniversary date.

Downgrades and Cancellations

  • A DOWNGRADE request is for any service plan change that has lower monthly recurring charge (based on the wholesale rate presented by iWayAfrica)
  • CANCELLATION/DOWNGRADE requests require not less than fourteen (14) day’s prior notice and are effected at the beginning of the month following which due notice has been given, thus notice must be received by the JOLA customer support team before 14th of the month for service change to be affected at the beginning of the next month.